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Find Your Meaning in Montana

Almost 20 years ago, I made a significant life pivot and relocated my family from the comfortable suburbs of sunny Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Whitefish, Montana.

From Winston-Salem to Whitefish

I left a job I loved running Public Policy and Communication for a 2000-member Chamber of Commerce and Fortune 100 companies. I was a regular columnist for the Triad Business Journal, very involved in the community, my 5,000-member church, my three girls were in good private schools and I had a lot of great friends.

Something was missing.

dinner in whitefish, montana

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Big Tech Thrives in the Big Sky

Small Towns, Big Tech

Big tech companies can thrive in small communities. And when these communities have strong entrepreneurial support networks, much is possible.

Hoplite Industries is a Montana-based cybersecurity company. It is one of at least 15 spinoff companies started by RightNow Technologies employees in the 2010s.

Hoplite Industries

Montana’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Why do big tech companies flourish in Montana?

  1. Lifestyle – Living in Montana means a short commute to work and quick access to numerous outdoor activities.
  2. Community – Montana has become fertile ground for entrepreneurial activity because of its strong support networks, from support organizations to individualized mentoring.

To learn more about Montana’s unique opportunities for entrepreneurs, read the Kauffman Foundation’s report, “A New Frontier:  Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Bozeman and Missoula, Montana”.

New Angle Podcast: Mindset and Community with Cyclist Tyler Hamilton

In this episode host Justin Angle talks mindset, community, and life changes with former professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton.

Tyler discusses how he made significant changes in his life after being caught for doping. He also explains why Missoula is an ideal community for him.

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