Check out these five stories from across Montana and beyond that highlight entrepreneurship, the high tech sector, and everything else that makes Montana a great place!

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Southeast Montana

1. Missoula Startup GatherBoard Launches New App, Set to Enter New Markets

GatherBoard’s new app will allow the Missoula company to venture into new markets and make the user experience more friendly.

The new app creates a targeted audience for users hosting events on the platform. It allows users to curate their own personal feed and sets preferences for different locations that use the service. Users can also integrate with other apps on their mobile device.

“Now, because there are these curated views that people can choose for their home board, and just see what they want to see but still access everything, it will make a huge city’s calendar much more personal for the end user,” said Molly Bradford, a co-founder a CEO of GatherBoard in a Missoula Current article. “It’s helping us expand our market share, and make it a more personal experience.”

To learn more about GatherBoard, click here.

2. Glendive Jeweler Wins National Design Contest

One Glendive jeweler is celebrating success after winning a national jewelry design contest.

Katelynne Eslick, the owner of Suger Plum Jewelry, was crowned the winner of the March Bridal Madness contest run by Stuller, Inc. In an article from the Glendive Ranger-Review, Eslick said it was first the time she entered a jewelry design contest. She won $1,000.

Eslick submitted a bridal ring design crafted out of two old rings. More than 100 jewelers from all over the country submitted designs. Eslick took two rings her customer gave her and set the gemstones into a new set.

Click here to learn more about Eslick and her business.

3. Farmer Boy Eggs Brings a Taste of Small-Town Montana to the Grocery Shelf

A family ranch in Drummond is working to provide western Montana with fresh cage-free, free-range hens.

Farmer Boy Eggs, started in 2016 by Alex and Andrew Verlanic, began with 600 hens. Today, they have 6,000 hens and are on track to double in the months ahead, according to an article from the Montana Standard. The company takes pride in its free-range chickens and said they believe it produces better tasting eggs.

“In all honesty, (we couldn’t) tell you there was a master plan where we saw there was an opportunity, or we wanted to diversify revenues or something like that,” said Alex in the article, adding that the truth of the matter is he and Andrew just wanted to try something different. “We grew up in agriculture and providing food for people and so this was just another way to do that.”

To see if Farm Boy Eggs distributes in your town, click here to read the full story.

4. Q + A: Eskay Bridal

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, and every business plays a critical role in keeping Montana’s towns vibrant. The Treasure State consistently ranks among the top five in reports from the Kauffman Foundation in rates of business ownership and business sustainability.

In our Q and A series, we’ll introduce you to some of Montana’s brightest and best entrepreneurs from all corners of the state. These businesses are involved in a variety of industries including hospitality, retail, and food.

Let’s head to Bozeman and meet business owner Karyn Carpenter! Click here to read the Q + A.

5. Simply Scrumptious and Hilburn’s BBQ Have Teamed Up

Two eastern Montana women business owners have joined forces in Sidney to provide more dining choices for Sidney.

Simply Scrumptious was opened in 2016 by Michaela Lofthus after purchasing the Solid Rock Coffee Shop. Eighteen months later she moved to a larger location. So when her friend Kayla Hilburn wanted to expand her BBQ from Fort Peck into Sidney, Lofthus offered her a place at her shop.

Initially, Hilburn’s business brought a food truck to Sidney. Now, she offers her food alongside Lofthus’ coffee and baked goods. To learn more about these enterprising women, click here.

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