Check out these five stories from across Montana that highlight entrepreneurship, the high tech sector, and everything else that makes Montana great!

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1. Inc. Ranks Top 5,000 Companies in America

Every year, Inc. magazine releases its “Inc. 5,000” list that ranks the top fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. This year, Montana had 12 companies make this list. The highest ranked company was XY Planning Network based in Bozeman. Other companies include Submittable, VIM & VIGR and commonFont.

To read the full list, click here.

2. Bozeman Web Developer Launches New App That Pays You to Visit Breweries

Do you want to drink beer AND be paid for it? Then PintPass might be the right app for you.

PintPass, which won’t be fully launched until Oct. 15, helps provide breweries with more regional marketing data. If a user answers three or four questions about their experience at a brewery, the app will credit users with $2 to their account. They can put this toward the bill or save or text the credit to a friend. So far about 19,000 people are participating in the pre-launch.

The model will be free to brewers and beer drinkers. For more information on PintPass, click here to read the Bozeman Daily Chronicle article.

3. Ed Asner Teams Up with MAT in Havre

This week, the Montana Actors’ Theatre (MAT) in Havre announced its 2018-19 schedule. MAT’s season will open in October with a show called ‘God Help Us.’ The show will be a one-weekend run and include a guest appearance from actor Ed Asner.

Asner rose to prominence on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and won seven Emmy Awards. He was also president of the Screen Actors. Some of Asner’s voice acting credits include Santa in ‘Elf’ and Carl in the Pixar hit ‘Up.’

For more about the show, click here.

4. Report: Montana Ranks 9th in U.S. for New Business Survival Rate

The Montana Chamber Foundation and the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Montana presented the State of Entrepreneurship report to communities across the state last week.

The report detailed several strengths that Montana has an entrepreneurial state, such as how 3, 400 people in Montana start a business each month. Montana also has the highest percentage in the country of residents whose main occupation is owning a business. But it also highlighted some of Montana’s weaknesses, like how new Montana firms are the smallest in the nation with 3.9 employees after one year.

“I would love to see more Montana entrepreneurs succeed at creating high-growth companies that create good job opportunities for lots of Montanans, that pay high wages and that serve customers across the country, and the world,” Bryce Ward said in a Missoulian article. “Achieving this vision is difficult. There is no one thing that will get Montana there.”

Click here to read more from the Missoulian.

5. Startup Forum in Billings Explores the Ways and Means of Young Montana Businesses

Last week, the Innovate Montana Symposium hosted a bevy of speakers and entrepreneurs in Billings focusing on the high-tech sector and funding in Montana.

One of the keynote speakers at the event was Chris Abele, a venture capitalist and Milwaukee County executive. During his keynote, Abele said investors see a higher return in companies in the Midwest because of their workforce. He said Montana has similiar qualities and can attract distant workers.

Abele also hit on the importance of coding and how more than 8,000 open jobs require a coding background.

For the full story, click here.

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