Check out these five stories from across Montana that highlight entrepreneurship, the high tech sector and everything else that makes Montana great!

Biking, Mount Helena City Park, Helena

Biking, Mount Helena City Park, Helena

1. Montana cracks top 5 in Wallethub list

According to Wallethub, the Treasure State is one of the top five places to start a business. In its study, Wallethub compared all 50 states across 25 key indicators of startup success to determine the best place to start a business. Wallethub ranked states on business environment, access to resources and business costs.

Texas ranked No. 1 while Montana came in at No. 4. You can read more here.

If you need even more convincing on why Montana is a great place to start a business, check out this story from Inc.

2. Telecommuting Tuesday: Learn more about this new career opportunity

Are you looking for the flexibility to work from home and live in Montana? Or are you looking to change careers or to pivot in your current career? Have you considered telecommuting?

According to a study released in 2017 by the Montana Telecommunications Association, Montana ranks No. 1 in the country in telecommuting. Telecommuting offers former Montanans the ability to make Montana home again and is a career opportunity for residents in the Treasure State’s small towns.

Read what Ken Dawes, a telecommuter from Missoula, had to say here.

3. Beer historian chats about Montana’s beer culture

Over the past few years, Montana has exploded as a hot spot for the craft beer industry. According to the Brewers Association, 2012 Montana ranked third for the number of craft breweries per capita. One man working to preserve this history is Steve Lozar, anthropologist who is also known as Montana’s beer historian.

Lozar’s great grandfather immigrated to Montana in 1888 and was an associate with the Kessler Brewing Co. in Helena. He also has brewery items dating back to 1860s along with other historical brewing items.

To read more about Lozar, click here.

4. Bozeman ticketing platform looks to change industry

Are you tired of trying to resell concert tickets online? Do you wish you could be on a waiting list for sold out concerts? These features and more are being offered in a new ticketing platform developed out of Bozeman called Sellout.

This new platform, developed by Joel Martin and Henry Vinson, was created out of frustration. Martin said after he tried buying tickets to a Radiohead concert and he saw them resisted for above face value, he knew he had to do something.

To read more bout Sellout, click here.

5. Find Flathead Lakes cleanest swimming holes with new app

Are you traveling up to the Flathead Lake this summer and want to find a pristine swimming hole? A swim coach and researcher teamed up to gather this information.

The project began last July with three testing locations in Polson. After the water samples were tested at the Flathead Lake Biological Station, and the results were uploaded to a website. The samples undergo testing for E. coli.

Click here to read about this project.

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