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Five Awesome Things About Montana’s Tech Scene

By Katy Spence

Note:  This article originally published by Montana High Tech Business Alliance. Republished with permission.

As the year winds to a close and the MHTBA staff reflects on 2017, we’re struck by one overwhelming fact: Montana’s tech scene is awesome. Between high growth companies, interconnectivity among communities, and promises of huge funding on the horizon, we’re excited to look back on 2017’s highlights and what they could mean for 2018.

1. The Alliance sponsors nationally-recognized research through the Kauffman Foundation.

Conversations about entrepreneurship often focus on Silicon Valley, Boston or other major metropolitan areas, yet Missoula and Bozeman, Montana enjoy some of the highest levels of entrepreneurship in the nation in terms of startup and high-growth companies, as well as spinoff activities, according to a report funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The report on Montana’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystems found that Montana is unique in our level of entrepreneurship, dense networks of support, global businesses, high quality workforce, and high quality of life. Among the report’s impressive stats, researchers found Missoula and Bozeman rank 9th and 12th highest in startup rates among 394 areas in the U.S., and the proportion of high-growth firms is particularly high in Bozeman– higher than Denver (9th in the nation) and almost compatible with Washington, D.C. (1st in the nation).

Download and read the full report here.

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